Though the abuse never stopped, high school proved to be a bit better than Jr. High was. The friend I made in Summer School proved to be a life long friend, and when school started she had three other friends that readily accepted me into their little group.
We moved back to the other side of town, closer to people I had known when I was little and homes I was welcome to spend hours in as often as I liked.
My Junior year the school district decided to change us from a standard school year to year round tracks. We all dreaded it, after giving it a try, I decided I really liked it better. Plus the elementary school I attended was running all four tracks, so when I was off, school was still happening there and I had the opportunity to go back and help my first grade teacher (who was now teaching kindergarten) and the teacher who had been my babysitter. I also was able to help some in the school office. It was great. Gave me some place safe to go so I didn't have to be home all the time school was out.
Then, on the last day of school, after i got home, I was met by a very excited mother. She had the news of the next change… the biggest one so far…


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