That lady, B.K., who's smile seemed so genuine, started looking for me every Sunday… just to say hi, and tell me she was glad I was there. I know there were others that said the same, but I noticed with her it was every week. Then she started encouraging me to come on Sunday nights , after a few weeks of not being to explain why "Murder, She Wrote" was more important, I finally said,"yeah, I could, but I don't like walking anywhere in the dark." (which is still 100% truth!). She told me if I came, she would give me a ride home. So, I promised her I would come. To me a promise is a promise… if I make one I do all I can to keep it. After a few weeks of getting me there Sunday morning and evening, she said,"You know, you really should be here on Wednesdays, too…". Yeah…. I had to make that promise fresh every week in order to have the strength to tell my stepfather,"I promised Mrs. K I'd be there, and I DON'T break promises!". He obviously didn't like it, now I was going to church more often than my mother was. He would make her wait dinner on me, though I told them not to. I was willing, able and happy to eat cold leftovers for the opportunity to be out of the house and be with people who seemed to really like me.
One of the first things I learned about YV was the ways out of town. I hated it! I couldn't wait to leave! And I wanted to know how to get back "home" or to my grandma's in AZ. I had my life plan too…


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