That first Sunday at CBC, was a turning point. The people there were strange :). Right in the middle of the service they stopped everything and took time to shake hands and greet each other. I had these people I didn't know shaking my hand and saying hello to ME like they were really glad I was there… could they be for real?? Then this little old lady (W.P.) wearing a hat came up and gave me a hug like I was some long lost relative that she was excited to see again… weird-o! Then while I was sizing up the choir, forming my opinions of people before I met them, my eyes landed on a certain little lady. As I was looking at her smile that seemed to be the brightest on the platform, I heard a voice behind me, and to the left say,"watch her, she'll be good for you". I looked back to see who would be so bold… and there was nobody sitting behind us. I leaned over to my right and whispered to my mother,"That lady looks nice". I am not sure why, but I went every Sunday for the next 11 weeks. I know why I missed the 12th week, lol. The Youth Pastor was having a contest and the first person to attend 12 weeks consecutive was gonna win a flight in a small plane over the town… I don't like to fly, especially in small planes, I was NOT going to win!! I missed 12 more weeks before going back to church… then it stuck, or maybe it would be more correctly stated, God didn't let go…


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