So I went home, and wrote my Grandma Lady a long letter (was famous for my long letters) telling her the whole sermon and all the verse references and every thing I thought and what the preacher said and how it seemed he was talking strait to me. I told her again what D.B. had said, and maybe that would be what God wants me to do? Could I come live with them? Not sure how I'd get there, but if that's what God wanted, well He could work it out.

Well when I called a few days later, she told me they had received the letter and the answer was no. Her mom had passed away, just before they moved (that is why they were in YV, to care for her mom), and they were just now to a point where they were not taking care of anybody else- they were enjoying the time just the two of them. I was let down a little, but I understood completely, it was really the kind of gentle refusal I expected… but summer was coming (in like four months!), so I asked if I could come visit. She said "Of course you can!". That gave me hope for the moment! But I was still told to "Go." and I had nowhere and no way to go…


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