One more :)
But there was a problem. There were lots of secrets. Somewhere in the time between that first date and when he moved in with us. Several things happened.
They sat me down and told me he was a convicted child molester. And that that meant he had hurt a little girl, but he would never do that again.(he was still on probation for it and had to get special permission to be around me), he started umpiring for the local little league games, he spent time in jail for probation violation when his job caught him stealing from the cash register (but we told everybody he was in Maine visiting his mom)-that actually happened twice. My mother's friends stopped being around as much… then one night they had a fight and he stormed out in a huff. My mother screamed after him,"I love you!!". When he came back the next day he told us he came back because he thought it was me that said that. When he left my mother told me to just let him believe that… I was 12, so I did what she wanted…
He moved in sometime in the summer. After being in jail for the second time since we met him in January, he convinced my mother it made no sense for him to get another apartment since they were gonna get married soon anyway (didn't ask… he told). She agreed. He moved in. The pastor of our church wouldn't perform the ceremony. I went to camp (& was Saved), and then we changed churches, to one that would do the wedding…


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