On the eighth day of Christmas… it was the one year anniversary of our first date. I had moved out of the Ks house in August (3 days short of a full year in their home) and moved in with some other Ks. Anyway.
Brad kicked his mom and sister out of the house and fixed me dinner. He had a dozen roses on the table when he brought me to the house. We had a very nice meal complete with dessert. We watched the movie "The Preacher's Wife". Then he proposed. Obviously I said yes. Then he gave me my 8th day present… a ring holder. So when he took me home (after the people I was staying with were asleep), I left the roses and the ring holder on the kitchen counter for them to find in the morning. :). The only one who knew when Brad was going to ask was Mr. Grandpa Man, he said," because it's the longest night of the year."
We decided to marry on Brad's parents' anniversary. That gave us about four months. Do you know it is very difficult to find winter colors to decorate for a wedding in the Spring. LOL.
I asked my S.G. to be my matron of honor. I invited L.G. to be in charge of guarding the gifts (guaranteeing both sets of Mr.& Mrs.G. would come to the wedding. I asked them to not say anything about the wedding until afterward… I was so afraid my family would try to show up if they knew the when and where. Thankfully, my family didn't try to come.


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