Nope. Can't stay in a place with no mountains!
It was two more weeks before I knew I wasn't supposed to go home either. When The granddaughter I was staying with heard me debating with myself she looked at me and smiled and said,"you are not going back home and you know it". I knew she was right. I just didn't know how I was going to tell everyone, especially my parents. Seems like it took another two weeks to get my nerve up to tell them. And the reaction was exactly what I expected. Yelling, cussing, guilt about breaking a promise, accusation that I had never planned to return… and more, might have worked except 1) I was convinced I wasn't supposed to go home and 2) I had prayed that if I got on that return plane and wasn't supposed to then to let the plane crash. I was already afraid to fly, having prayed that prayer and being convinced I wasn't to go back … I wasn't about to even go near the airport! :)
So where would I go??


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