It seems like I was needed nearly every day at the school when I started helping out. It was great! L.M. Was so great to work with. The kids really liked her and she was (& still is) so sweet.
Then the next school year I was offered a contract!! I was gonna be paid to be there. Which was a good thing, my stepfather was starting to get grumpy about me being at the church ALL the time and not getting paid for it. But as soon as I started getting a paycheck again their $$ from the government went down again. And again I had to make up the difference because it was my fault. So I had to make up the difference lost plus pay any bills they didn't have money for and if we ran low on food it was up to me to provide. If I wanted any spending money, of the money I earned, I had to sneak off to the store alone and lie about how much I spent. I managed to save about 20 dollars a month that way.
I also started helping the church custodian clean on Wednesdays between school and church service. That made Wednesday the best day of the week! I left home at 7am and didn't get home until after 9pm!! But every week I would come home to an angry stepfather who was irritated because they waited dinner for me, eventhough I told them not to.


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