I ws convinced this was just a trip. Grandma Lady's granddaughter got me a job with her for the summer and I had given my word that I would be back at CBCS in the fall. I promised my friends and my parents I would return. I didn't think I had the nerve to not return, and besides I was unprepared for life- I had never been taught to cook or do laundry or clean… I'd asked, but my mother refused saying,"you'll have to do that all your life…". I did learn to clean toilets and windows helping at church lol. Anyway. Everyone, everyone at church said goodbye like it was forever, though I was convinced it was for just 8 weeks.
When I packed my suitcase, I had no idea what to take… I'd never been farther north or east than Las Vegas, I didn't know what the weather would do, so I packed Summer clothes, winter clothes, everything.
After I got to Indiana, I called home and had a guilt trip laid on me for not waving goodbye, I just went full speed into the plane. And more whining about how he was sure I wasn't coming back. I tried to assure them both I'd be back.
It took me two weeks to realize Indiana has no mountains! It was so green and so beautiful, I never looked far enough into the distance to see there were no mountains. I knew I wasn't staying there!! Me? Live in a place with no mountains?? NOWAY! I like mountains… I've always had mountains (even if I couldn't always see them) =D.


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