I need to be clear about something… I haven't gone back and read this, I might one day, but I don't feel the need right now, but I know I haven't put a lot of emphasis on Scripture or what I was learning in church or Sunday School. I guess that is because it was such a part of life the things I was learning and growing……… life just happened.
The one portion of scripture I claimed and held on to the tightest was Psalm 37… when I was working at the school in in YV the kids in our class had to memorize the first 5 verses… having 22 kids repeat the same thing to you over and over everyday, sort of pounds it in there… a beautiful promise at a very dark moment in time… exactly what I needed.
Aside from the message from 1 Samuel 16 that I told you about earlier, I don't know that I can give you any other SPECIFIC scripture references. As I learned and grew, under the influence of BK, LG, SG and others, I started, because of their encouragement, to read my Bible every day (twice a day for a while… really should get back to that!), praying for those I knew, and truly working at knowing God and what He had for me.
I had no strength or ability to do what He wanted and I still don't. It is the truth that we can do nothing without Christ… he is our strength, our strong tower…
I have survived the life I had, because He had a purpose and a plan and He gave me the whatever to do it- He did it in and thru me… I was just willing to be used.


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