He found a picture of a baby asleep on or near an open Bible and a lullaby CD. He had me sit with him at the sound-booth and told me to push the play button on the CD player when Pastor was ready to sing the first song (he knew that would get Pastor's attention lol), and instead of putting the words to the song up he displayed the picture with the words "Arriving November 2006". No name or other identifying information :). It worked great. One of the missionary wives was expecting a baby in May, so Pastor said," NO Brad! You got it wrong!" lol. Brad said,"No, I don't, believe me,". "Well, who is it then?" we just sat and smiled. Our few informed people kept their mouths closed with big smiles, and finally one of the deacons guessed that it might be us. Pastor said,"NOWAY!", Brad replied,"yeah-way!" and the room erupted in excitement. One lady (who calls herself grandma to our kids) stood on her pew and gave us two thumbs up!! And another came running from the front row just to give me a hug! Somehow we managed to restore order and go in with the service… but it was a great way to let everyone be among the first to find out :)
Then I went for my first doctor appointment and was advised to not tell anyone until after the first trimester was over…"oops! Too late!" =)
I never took any prenatal vitamins, I stayed with the Mannatech and added calcium. I had a perfect uneventful pregnancy… and my doctor laughed to himself in amazement at every appointment I had :). What an awesome God I have!!


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