When I got home from school that day, my mother was SO, excited! We are an emotionless people, so excitement was an interesting thing to see. She said,"we have something exciting to tell you when (my friend) goes home" I said," why wait? I tell her everything anyway." (we were together almost every day & the one thing I never said a word about was what my stepfather was doing) Mother-"Okay. We are moving to Yucca Valley!" Me-"What!Why!"
"Well, your dad got a job at the hospital there… we thought you'd be excited."
(be sure to add sarcasm and disrespect to my tone)
"When did you know this?"
"They called around 10:00"
"You knew this was the last day of school! You could have called me so I would have had the chance to say goodbye to my friends!"
"I didn't know how to get a hold of you…"
"All you needed to do was call the office, they know what class I am in, they could have found me…and why would I want to move away from here? This is where I grew up… and where is Yucca Valley, anyway?"
"near Palm Springs"
"The Desert!!"


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