Well, since I am backing up in my story, you know I didn't have to return home. :)

Another "K" couple were available for God's use in my life and offered to let me rent a room from them for the same price the grandparent people were charging! God is good!!

I have migraines. I had them pretty severe in YV. But they went away completely during the year at gma & gps Ks. When I moved to my new home they started up again. My diet changed and included more "triggers", the hours I worked wreaked havoc with my sleep patterns, they had all florescent lighting in their home, and part of me wonders if I am not allergic to something in the air in the woods surrounding their home, and the altitude was a little different… I know the barometric levels makes a difference! But whatever the problem was I had a rough time… plus aside from the stress of dealing with my stepfather and waiting for the police to act, after December 21, we were planning a wedding and having a house built (the man at the store where we picked out light fixtures wished us luck because building a house has been known to cause divorce!).

Brad took me to the hospital for demmoral injections for my headaches, several times during those months. It wasn't uncommon for me to spend days at a time in bed with a headache… I was even sent home from work a few times because I pushed myself and tried to show up anyway.


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