Well, despite my efforts I graduated from sixth grade when I was supposed to. That summer was the beginning of change… not exactly what most would call good change. We lived in an apartment building, and guess who moved in to the apartment next to ours. That boy I mentioned earlier (C.A.). He acted hurt that I never gave him a chance to be a friend. Which offended me greatly, I always gave people that chance! So I dared to…. He seemed to be pretty nice. We talked a lot and played out on the street in front of the apartments…

Then school started. He and I had every class together including homeroom. At first I was excited to have a friend in every class, then he showed his true colors! Every everything I told him all summer long. He twisted and tweaked into half truths and lies about me. Things that made me appear more undesirable than I already was. His proof that he was telling the truth? "I'm her neighbor, I should know!" and "you'll know I am telling the truth because she'll deny it.".
I went from thinking I had more friends than anybody, to not having any who were willing to be seen with me in a matter of weeks! Before the first report card of the year (@ 5 weeks). I was shocked, stunned. My friends who knew me all my life believed this liar because he was my neighbor?


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