We had excepted the fact that it was going to be us and the dog. Maybe God had a plan, a ministry that would be better for us to not have kids? I had heard of a ministry to missionary "kids" that I thought was way cool, and when I told Brad about it, he really liked the idea, too. The idea is a lot of these kids grow up in other countries, with different customs and then they turn 18 and head to America for college and the rest of life… and some of them really struggle with culture shock. Our idea (stolen from a missionary I heard on a deputation trip with Brad's sister), was to offer our missionaries' (the ones our church supports) kids a home to come to, to help them adjust. Give them some guidance as they adjust to new customs and ideals of this unique (and wonderful!) country. But instead all our missionaries started taking a year furlough to help their own kids adjust-a better idea…
So we decided well, it must be just us and the dog.
Then the dog died! So we rushed out and got a puppy. My dog had been perfect! The puppy was cute, but OH SO FAR from perfect!!!
Anyway, after over seven months (I did at one time know exactly how many months, weeks & days… but that has faded a little) in a 30' camp trailer with a puppy (that was NOT perfect!), we finally moved into our new home. It had not met my expectations in a few spots, but with the things we were able to add ourselves, we were blessed once again by a very generous God, and we knew it!


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