Though my stepfather moved in more than four months before they were married, he was careful enough to keep his hands off me until after the wedding.
Somewhere after starting Jr. Highy mother started letting me stay up as late as I wanted on Fri. And Saturday (as long as I could still get up for church). So I spent many weekends on the hide-a-bed in the livingroom watching TV until late…
The church we switched to had some nice people. And many that were not so nice away from church (or even in the parking lot). I certainly did not fit in the youth group.
Eighth grade was also not too great. My only friend the year before had moved in Januray and it wasn't until sometime in the beginning of the ninth grade that I got another friend. So eighth grade was lonely.
In December my mother married.
Shortly after school started my stepfather, when taking me to school got mad and hit me in the face, knocking off my glasses and giving me a black eye. That was the only time he hit me… I am still not sure who was more scared him or me. He usually took out his anger at me by getting hold of my most treasured possessions and destroying them.
It was a slow process, but life just continued to get worse…


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