Then came probably the most humiliating moment I ever had at church… I believe it was a Sunday night, we had a missionary sharing his ministry that night and I told my parents to eat whenever, and to just put the food away, I could get something myself when I got home, but it was probably going to be late because of the missionary. As I walked out I heard my stepfather yell something, but I shrugged it off and left. Church was over and I was waiting to talk to the missionary when someone jabbed me in the shoulder… HARD. Some of the people played kinda rough so it didn't really bother me, turned around half laughing, then I saw who it was. He started yelling and cussin at me. I was standing in the very center of the sanctuary, beside the missionary, my Grandma Lady and the missionary's 10 year old son! I wanted to fall thru the floor. As soon as I could I lowered my head and ran out of the building. My stepfather was chewing me out for making his dinner late and cold… when Grandma Lady came up and tapped on his window. He rolled his window down. And she sweetly and calmly pointed out to him how terrible that scene was he created… and several other things his constant response was," yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes ma'am, you're right ma'am…". It was beautiful. Then she ended her speech with,"One of these days I am going to come by your house and read scripture to you." I smiled. He replied once more,"yes ma'am." very nervously and drove me home silently.

It was beautiful. For one very selfish, freeing reason. From that moment on all I had to say was I promised B.K., and I got NO argument. This big 6'1" man was afraid of a sweet, little, grey haired, 5'0" church lady. It was beautiful!


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