It was already my intention to go to the police, but Mr.B. Made sure to encourage me to do it, pointing out I probably wasn't my stepfather's only victim, and now that I was gone and not returning, he probably had someone new , and it was my responsibility to speak up, do that and hopefully nobody else would get hurt. Wow. I knew all that. I agreed with all that. Having heard someone else say it, made it SO much more urgent.
So we set up a time to go to the police department and I made the initial report and the detective set up a time for us to come back and see if we could make a phone call and record it.
On Sept. 10,1999, Brad went with me to make that phone call. I don't remember much of what was said. I remember lots of "I'm sorrys", I know I was on speaker phone to start and asked him to take me off of speaker, and that my mother was sitting right there in the same room thru the whole conversation. He admitted things, he said he knew he didn't have to worry about me getting pregnant because he is impotent. And other things…
I was amazed by the peace and calmness of spirit I had thru the whole experience. But…
The detective said he was going to ship the stuff to LAPD immediately, because I had been gone from home long enough and I was so old (23!), that they only had 12 months to do anything. And to not talk to any of the family until my stepfather was arrested.


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