So, there was 10 or 12 weeks of summer vacation. I usually spent three at my grandmothers, from the middle of June thru the 4th of July. My Grandma Lady offered me a plane ticket to Indiana from the same week I usually left for AZ., and lasting eight weeks before the return flight. I did not have to use the return ticket, but I HAD to stay in Indiana the full eight weeks. I jumped at it!! It wasn't a permanent way out, but it was a brief escape, and as a bonus the grandparent people would be in Indiana for two of those eight weeks!! Oh. I was SO excited!! Then I had to tell/ask my parents. They were surprised (as was I, who gets that kind of offer??), and they couldn't really say no, I think he was still afraid she might come read her Bible at him, even though it was a 16 hour drive lol), and said "OK, but you have to tell your grandma your not going to be able to visit her this year.". Normally, telling my grandma something she didn't want to hear, scared me enough to do whatever was necessary to not have to tell her, but I wanted to see my friends!!
In an attempt to manipulate and guilt me into not going, my stepfather would get angry and yell and say,"She's not coming back! She hates it here!" he was predicting the future and stating truth, but I honestly did not realize it. I promised everyone I was coming back, I planned on it, I already had signed a contract for the coming school year, that was my word, wasn't going to break that!!


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