S.G. Amazed me! She sent me to her bed during the day, so I could lock my grandmother out. I didn't feel comfortable doing that at first, but grandma got a chance and came to my bedside and started screaming in my face… whispers hurt when migraine attacks, she had me in tears! So I started locking the door. When my grandmother realized the door was locked, she started calling my friends names, for locking me up so she couldn't see me… I'd laugh, but it is so sad. Grandma managed to get herself kicked out of my friends' home. And she decided to take the greyhound bus to visit her friends in L.A. Then she had another friend come from BHC to pick up her van and go get her and take her home. My friends were going to take me to catch my plane in Havasu, but then we thought we'd get it changed to P.S., but the headache wouldn't break (after 300 dollars in meds), so the "Mom" called Brad and told him he HAD to come get me. It took some convincing, but he came for me. That headache lasted six weeks! Most of that time was spent in bed.

I was so embarrassed by my grandmothers behavior. I was so blessed by my friends… I did some thinking and some praying and decided, if she was going to be that great to me and still loved me inspite of my grandmother's behavior… well, she called me the " daughter of her heart"! I decided she earned the the title "Mom-type-person"… who-da thunk it that day we met, when she gave us a ride to church… God is SO good!!


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