The products were an incredible blessing! I was suddenly able to live without pushing myself every step of the way. It didn't hurt to get hugs… it didn't hurt to wear my clothes! I actually could honestly say "great!" when asked "how are you?"… I can still remember how surprised I was the day I realized I didn't hurt anywhere, even my head was pain free! How exciting!!
My monthly cycles continued at a perfect 28 days. I was taking comfort in the predictability of them. Our marriage had reached that crutial moment at seven years… and Brad's mother was vying hard for more and more of his attention. I was pretty sure I was glad we didn't have kids at the moment, and even though I wasn't on any kind of birth control.
God had different plans…
After nine months of perfect, predictable cycles, I was late. I didn't think a whole lot of it at first. I was a little confused, but I figured there wasn't much to get hopeful about. I was having PMS as usual, maybe a little more extreme, but that was normal when I was late… then one day, I noticed the PMS acne was mostly in one place on my face and I flashed to a memory of a friend who had the same patch of acne in the same part of her face… when she was pregnant! So I mentioned to Brad that I thought we should get an HPT. He said no, I was only a week late and we didn't need to go thru all that again so…


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