The parents of the granddaughter I was staying with, lived in Oregon, right across the street from my grandparent people. When she helped me admit I wasn't going home, she decided she wanted to go home. We had it all planned out… we just had to hope the parents and grandparents would go for it. She called her parents first and told them what we were thinking. By the time I called Grandma Lady, her daughter had already run across the street and given them a heads up that we were calling. This time, Grandma Lady asked her husband before giving me an answer and he said,"yes".

So I was in Indiana nine weeks instead of eight. Then we went to GA to visit some friends of mine from YV. Then we headed west!

When I left YV for the summer I brought addresses and phone numbers… I wrote and called probably six or eight people regularly. Besides calling and backing out on my contract (I was intimidated by C.E., and was almost as afraid of breaking my promise to her and the school as I was of telling my parents I wasn't coming home), the hardest thing I did was write to all those people, told them goodbye, I wasn't coming home, wasn't staying where I was, and I wasn't telling any of them where I was going. I didnt want my family to know my final destination and I didn't want anybody to have to lie.


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