My plan… I had a job at Chevron, so when school was out, I would get a job at the Chevron in BHC,AZ, and go to the junior college there (I could get in-state rates because of living in San Bernardino County), then transfer to UNLV to ultimately become an accountant and get a job at one of the casinos and live a happy life with lots of money!


When school got out and they stopped paying Chevron to pay me, the job ended. I plummeted with discouragement. I was trapped! There was no way out!! I was doomed to remain in that house forever! And now that I didn't have to get up for school, my stepfather decided he could visit me any/every night he wanted. Most days I stayed in bed, sleeping until at least 10. I did nothing, but watch TV and go to church. The almost funny part is my mother at this point tried to say she thought I was depressed… anyway.

It was a couple years before I was motivated enough to try to get another job.

In the meantime, the abuse continued.

And I had two terrible birthdays. They went by completely unnoticed by everyone except my grandma & my parents with nothing more than a half eaten cake. So my friend J.T., and I were talking and we came up with an idea. Having being forgotten brought to my attention the realization of how nice it is to be remembered, so we decided it would be nice to remember other people's birthdays… and a ministry was born!


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