"Mrs.D.B.,  Mrs.B.and Mrs.W. want to know if it would be OK for them to wear pants to your house tomorrow for the meeting."

"They do, do they? Well, you know… let me just tell you something. I think you are a very sweet girl… blah, blah, blah… and I think it would be really wonderful if you moved to Oregon with F.& B.K.… blah, blah, blah… I know you probably aren't listening to me, but I think it would be just wonderful, and I am going to pray about that for you."

Mrs. A (laughing),"D.B. you didn't answer her question."

"Oh, I didn't?, well, dear, tell them that's between them and God."

LOL! A conversation I will never forget!

I wasn't too sure of what to think about all Mrs. D.B. had said… but I was definitely willing to go if it could happen!

Stress was my constant companion. I knew what was happening to me was wrong, but I didn't know how to stop it or how to get out. It was impossible to save money, I couldn't even consider marrying a Marine to get out, because if I dared to look at someone, just watching them walk down the street, my stepfather would acuse me of having sex with them or at least wanting to. I couldn't imagine what he would say if I actually went on a date with someone! No way not interested in that added pressure!! I was trapped! And it was starting to take it's toll on my feeling of sanity.


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