The last few weeks in my hometown were great. My stepfather had gone to start his job (a rare thing for him to have) and find us a place to live. We had three or four weeks! We were walking distance from our old church and since he was gone mothr felt free to go back, so we walked to and from church, just like the old days (well, sort of). It was good to be back, but we were only back, it seemed, to say good-bye. The best memory made before I left there was my JLG (the teacher/babysitter) took me out for the day we went to the mall and just spent the day together… I knew she loved me.
The next day we left. We arrived in YV at 11pm on August 31,1992. I saw a time/temp sign as we turned a corner it said 89*!!! within my head and heart I sank and prayed, "God, why have you moved me to Hell?"
I don't do heat well, I knew nobody and as far as I knew, life was only going to get worse…
But God :). He knew why he was taking me here. Though I was trusting him in the smallest ways, I had wandered far far from Him, I had forgotten how wonderful and real His love is, but He was about to remind me!
When we got to the house it was locked tight & nobody was around to let us in. So Grandma went and got herself hotel room, and the rest of us (+3 dogs and a rabbit) slept in the car.


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