It's been a few days and if I don't get back to it, I might not!
Life at home as a young child was good… covered that already :).
Life at school was OK. I thought I had a lot of friends, and at one point I thought I knew every body on campus (students and faculty), though that was probably my juvenal pride shining boldly to repulse the masses (though I didn't realize it then). I was liked by my teachers, and I had friends that would prove to be life-long and others that proved to be using me for the moment. And I had my fair share of kids that didn't like me, too.
One in particular (C.A.)… it was magic! The instant we spotted each other across the playground… instant hate at first site! And it went down hill from there. We first encountered each other in second grade when our teachers decided to have our classes do P.E. together. Then in Third grade I ended up in the same class as his best friend :( not a good thing, especially with a new teacher. Then in the fourth grade we ended up in the same class… with the new teacher (again), but this teacher had been working as an aide in our school for several years, so he knew most of us kids and our reputations. And had a plan…


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