It was great. All I had to do was tell Grandma Lady I was going to be somewhere, I knew would have no trouble. But I came to depend on her and the reality of her ability to intimidate my stepfather feather than the true source of his fear. He was more afraid of the truth he would hear than he was of the one who would be delivering it. I had her on a pedestal and was trusting her too much.

Well, God fixes those problems. He, thru events in their lives, moved my Grandma Lady and Grandpa Man to Oregon. Thru the way I found out they were moving and other misunderstandings related to the move, she was removed from her pedestal… still a recipient of all my respect and admiration, but grounded (in my mind and sight) as a human, imperfect, yet full of grace. And the day they left YV was one of the hardest days I've ever had. She was the key to my freedom, my escape from the house! She made it easy... Now it was time to stand...

Two of my widow ladies were supposed to be going to a third ladies house for a WMF meeting. The hostess was of the conviction that ladies should only wear dresses, the other two did not hold the same opinion. The two were talking about weather or not they thought the third would be offended by them wearing pants to her house… I said I would go ask her for them, and they said "OK." So I went to her and asked if the two ladies could wear pants to her house. She respoded with…


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