It amazed me that those who had been my friends and still claimed to like me (secretly), would choose to believe such obvious lies. But I guess social standing is important in Jr. High.
The nicknames I was given were devastating. "Lowlife Lola", "Scum-la"…. There are more, but I am not sure they all need to be listed. I was spit on during different classes, I assume (& hope) without the teachers' knowledge. A new teacher, trying to fit in, who thought it was a nickname I had accepted, or somehow liked called me Lowlife when I raised my hand to answer a question… Ahh 7th grade is definitely a year I remember…

My peers (the neighbor kid in particular), weren't satisfied with my social decline. They also managed to convince me my mother and grandmother only loved me because they had to. They are family and family has to say it even if they don't mean it.

The bright spot was church. The people there were so good to me. I am not sure they were aware of my reality at school, since I didn't tell anybody, except I think my mother… and her advice was ignore them and they'll go away… wrong! I ignored them and it seemed to help the lies seem more true. But so did trying to defend myself…


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