I was confused. Who would be calling me at nearly 9:30 at night? It was the Assistant Pastor? He wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to Sunday Dinner followed by some shopping in the cute little tourist trap town not too far from here. I said OK. Didn't know why… I had all the birthdays of everyone in the church. I knew he was too old for me, so it couldn't be a date! But He didn't know how young I was!
When I hung up the phone and told Grandma Lady who it was and what he wanted, she asked,"Like a date?", when I said no, she said,"Well, what then?". I had no idea!LOL
So that following Sunday, when I got to church several people commented on how nice I looked. Odd, I always dressed my best for church, and I'd worn that dress before…
We went to dinner at a very nice restaurant, the nicest I'd ever been to. When the check came… his credit card was rejected. LOL. But luckily, he had a second card to use :). Then we window shopped for a while and he took me home. The grandparent people were not going to church that night (said they were too tired), so Brad offered to take me to the evening service and bring me home. So I said "sure.". After church that evening we went to Burger King before he brought me back home. On the next Sunday he invited me for Mexican and of course I wouldn't refuse Mexican food :). Then on Sunday night at church Brad's older brother was there sitting with Thier mom. I sat next to a lady who asked me if that was Brad's brother. I said," Yeh. I think his name is Scott, or something like that." and she said," Oh yeah! You're getting to know the Elkins really well.". I gave her a confused look. And she added,"But don't worry, I won't talk to anybody. Just me and God!" LOL. I knew I was in trouble. LOL.


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