I was a child who was very resistant to change. I always liked things to be the way I expected (and sometimes, I still like routine to remain routine,lol). So, when I got to sixth grade and realized I was only a year away from leaving my most familiar place and people. Between the school and daycare center I spent more days there than anywhere! I couldn't imagine not going to Pinewood everyday. My mother took advantage of my being old enough to be home alone after school, and took me out of the daycare center. So it was my responsiblity to get myself to and from school (a whole three blocks awaw) everyday. It was too late in the second semester, when I got the idea if I had too many absences I would get held back. So I started making every weekend a three or four day weekend. My mother willingly gave me a sample of her signature so I could practice for notes for my teacher. The plot worked until the teacher drove by and saw me playing outside after school one day… then the school called my mom at work the next time I stayed home! Yikes! When your not expecting even a knock on the door and you angery mother comes bursting thru the door!!
And almost worse than that was when the teacher spoke to me… I didn't like her… even when she was mad or unhappy with us she still smiled and talked sugary sweet. Yuck!


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