I cut myself off from most of my people down in YV, but there were a few that convinced me to keep connected, because they didn't talk to my mother much, or were certain they could handle any questions she may ask them. One of these people was S.G.
Even though she had no problem with me leaving home, she didn't see it as a wise choice or timing (remember she didn't know the details of my life-even though we talked and/or saw each other everyday). I still have the letter, she knew home was bad, to go where I knew almost nobody, with no job and no way to get around on my own… there wasn't even a boyfriend there to be moving near. When I got the letter I called her and we talked… I don't remember what was said, but by the time we hung up, she was behind me 100%.
I wasn't cut off from very many for very long, it seems. My parents figured out really quickly and easily where I was. They started calling and harassing almost the very day I arrived in Oregon. He tried yelling and she tried crying. He threatened to come get me, or call the police. They wouldn't do anything, I was 21. There was nothing they could do, but try to get me to change my mind, and I had a support system that encouraged me to resist my parents control.
I was free! I was safe! Though it was a while before I was sure my stepfather wasn't going to try to come after me… afterall he had reason to be worried.


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