I begged Brad to come with us… he refused.

When Grandma and I got to Buttonwillow, CA. She called her friend in L.A., who we were supposed to visit next, and she wasn't expecting us for another week! She was not going to pay to stay in a hotel for a week. She had nowhere else to go, but home. I wasn't going to BHC for a week and then drive back to L.A., and then back to BHC! But I had some WONDERFUL friends in YV. They had given me a key to their home because Brad's sister and I had been there so much, and I knew they would welcome us, even if they were not expecting us. So I called S&B.G.

I don't think my grandmother could believe I had friends that were that available to me. Then S.G. made the "mistake" of complimenting me by saying I was "the daughter of their heart", that was probably the sweetest thing anybody had ever said about me… but I cringed, because I knew she said it to the WRONG person. My mistake was going someplace I felt so at home. I began to relax… migraine attacked. I still managed for about two days to wait on grandma hand and foot, by the third day I was caught (by SG) crawling to the kitchen to get something to take with my migraine medicine. That particular drug they don't like you take more than six in a month (though you can have two in 24 hours), I had taken all six in three days and the headache was still going strong. When my grandmother spoke to me, she yelled… she claimed the headache was a tool of manipulation. S.G., went into full "mom"-mode.


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