The end of that drama ended just about 10 years ago. Yet it seems at least ten times longer than that. There is so much more detail… the little things people did that meant so much…

In order to come to Oregon, do the responsible thing concerning my stepfather, to just move forward with life… I had to choose what God had for me regardless of what anyone else thought. I had to not only say I was willing to walk away from my mother (who seemed to need somebody to protect her), had to be willing to do it. And because I was willing He made me able because I kept my focus on Him… and He has blessed me! I have always had a mother figure to turn to when I needed it. And the cool thing about that my moms change with my needs… he knows what I am going to need and when and he draws different relationships closer for those moments that are perfect fit for that "moment". That is why I call them my "Mom of the Moment" because even if it fits for years (like the current one has), it could change in an instant. Anything can happen, friendships fade even when you don't want them too, feelings get hurt unintentionally, life happens… I try to be so clear that I know and understand and appreciate the gift of love in the way of time and energy, comes because God has seen fit for whatever reason, to use THEM in my life… I have been SO blessed!! God is SO good!!!!


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