Church was the center of our actives when I was very young. We went every time the doors were open… or whenever there was a bible study or a ladies night at the home of someone from church, we were there. Thanksgiving dinner was always at church (except for one year I remember we went to Sizzler instead? Not sure why).
Lots of good memories were made at church. I remember being loved. The adults were so sweet to me. My only grandparent (my grandma) lived over 8 hours away, and the church became our family. And much to the dismay of my grandma, I had many "grandparents" around all the time.
They were some of the best grandparents to have! Most of them didn't spend any money (or at least very little) on me. One man had a pack of gum or a quarter for me every Sunday. Another couple would invite us to join them after church to go out to dinner. They would treat, but the most special part to me, was even though they usually had their own grandkids there too, sometimes, like the other kids, he would give me the money and the priviledge to pay the check! Most of the others (aside from those mentioned in earlier posts) gave me hugs, smiles, and their attention… letting me know they were glad I was there.


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