By the time we had been in our new house a few months. I was miserable! Physically, which lead to mentally. I have fibromyalgia, for those who don't know imagine full body aching, the feel of your clothes either makes your skin sting or they feel so heavy it is hard to carry the weight of wearing them. To that add migraines, hypoglycemia, IBS, RLS, chronic fatigue, recurring UTIs, a fogginess that makes it difficult to think, or process information… naturally feeling like this leads to discouragement, and depression (though not anything like I had had in the past!)… though I did wonder what the point was. I was 29 and ladies in my church 40 years older were running circles around me… that is depressing too!!
I would sleep until 10am. Eat breakfast. Rest. Psych my self up to go empty the dishwasher, have a snack for lunch and go take a nap in order to have the energy to fix dinner.
And then my grandmother decided she wanted to come for a visit. We thought that would be OK. She wanted to visit all her friends in CA and show off her new van, so I had to fly down to get her and drive her here then back and then fly home…
I am always up for a road trip!! But it turned out to be a bad idea. I did all I could to male it a pleasant trip for her. She got breakfast in bed every day, we saw all of her friends (the ones that were available). We got here and kept her, I think for a week. The day before we were to leave I had had all the insults to me and to Brad I could handle. She was very careful to be kind in Brad's presence… which made it worse for me. I begged Brad (with tears) to take time off and make the trip with us to take her home, because I couldn't do anymore…


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