By the time I finished the prayer I was at the school. Within a few minutes I was walking into class and this person sitting in the back of the room waved at me like she was excited to see me? I pointed to myself and she said yeah and motioned for ME to come sit by her. When I got to my seat she greeted me with,"I know you and you know me, but we don't know eachother". Made no sense, but then she explained that we both had the same best friend and watched eachother with skepticism.
Well, we connected and we hung out all day. By the walk home, I was convinced God had heard and answered my prayer. I had been away from Him so long that trusting even Him was going to take time. I prayed everyday for all of Summer School that she would still be willing to be my friend… and especially once school started. Finally sometime during the next school year I relaxed and started believing I really had a friend!
I was so excited to have a friend.


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