Brad took me home, or followed me home, after our talk, and we went in the house. I can still see Grandma K on the couch and Grandpa in his glider rocker doing the crossword in the newspaper. I finally got the words together and spit them out… it seemed kind of anti-climactic. Not sure what I expected, but the reply was: Grandma Lady," I know it. Doesn't surprise me at all. Just couldn't do anything without proof." Grandpa Man," Yeah. We kinda suspected it, but you never said anything to let us know for sure.". I think I expected them to be caught completely off guard, I thought I did a pretty good job keeping my secret… Hhmm… I guess not.

The next thing I did was call the Pastor in YV and let him know the truth and confessed I had lied on the paperwork I filled out to work at the school. Then I called B.&S.G (Mr.&Mrs.G) Mrs. G had the same reaction as the Ks. And the same excuse for not doing anything…

Then I called B.&L.G.(Mr.B & Mrs.L) And told them. Again they were not surprised. He explained it wouldnt have done any good to speak to the authorities until I was ready to do it myself. He was right, if anyone of these extra special, extra dear to my heart people had said anything before that moment, I would have denied it. (I had looked one of my dear widow ladies in the eye, the day before I left for Indiana and lied to her about my stepfather abusing me.) Mr. B. strongly urged me to go to the police.


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