(Backing up a little)
Once I was in Oregon and my family knew where I was I got many harassing phone calls from my stepfather. After a few weeks (or maybe a few days… sometimes things feel a lot longer than they are) he called, cussed me and told the Ks that if they wanted me they could have me cuz they (parents) were done with me and didn't give a #%*@&$ any more. That was fine with me, but I knew it was just a game, trying to guilt me in to doing what they wanted. I don't remember how long it was after arriving in Oregon, but I eventually got the courage (with the support of those who loved me) to refuse my mother's phone calls. That was one of the hardest things I ever did… to say,"I don't want to talk to her.". But it was necessary, they were so heavily pouring on the guilt for me breaking my promises to return and accusing me of lying about my motives in leaving home, I could hardly handle it. It was making me a nervus wreck.
I was so encouraged my first Sunday at FBC. Sunday School was a lesson on the kind of parents we had… and the sermon in the 11:00 service was on the family, and the Pastor sang "People Need the Lord.". The Ks and their family were a great support and encouragement to me, too. Especially when someone pointed out I was supposed to obey parents IN THE LORD, and my parents weren't guiding me in the way of the Lord.


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