At 7 the next morning we were rudely wakened by the sound of an airplane landing in the airport across the street from our house… that made me even less happy to be where I was, then I looked around…
We were on a dirt road! I didn't know those still existed!! And our nearest neighbors were a block away! We were surrounded by cactus and dirt! Rabbits and squirrels were running around… where was I? When did I pass thru a time warp and arrive in some bad western movie?? Yuck!
We let the dogs out of the car and they took off… something they were very good at. They stopped at the back yard neighbor's house to visit with their dogs thru the fence. My mother met H.B. and discovered she went to the church down the street. She invited us to go with her the following Sunday. I had already decided I wasn't going to THAT church because it was Baptist, and Baptists had proven themselves hypocrites! So when mother started begging me to go I refused, but finally I said I would go only the one time, so she wouldn't have to go alone.
So Sunday came and I kept my promise. We went over to the neighbor's in time to meet her ride. A curly haired lady, quiet… And I had the feeling she wasn't too fond of me or at least she didn't seem too happy to see us… I wasn't sure what to think of S.G., but I was going expecting the worst of everyone.


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