When BK was born…
I had been having a lot of pre-labor and we were assured that the real thing wouldn't start at 5 minutes apart. Well, I woke at 6:00 Monday June 9 with contractions 5 minutes apart, but I had been dreaming that I was in labor. I woke Brad and told him what was going on… he said,"let's wait and see. Get up andover around a little and see if it stops". Well, that made things worse. Brad still didn't believe me and was sure they were going to stop. Around 9:30 he decided maybe it could be the real thing. Contractions were to about 3 minutes apart at 10:30 and he decided maybe we should call the sitter and go on over to the hospital… so he went and took a shower! He called the sitter first, she arrived as he was getting out of the shower and we finally left the house about 11:30. We got to the hospital at 12 noon. The nurses said I was too calm :). They sent me to my room and after 10 or 15 minutes with no nurse, Brad called for one, who calmly said she was going to check me, but she figured it would be a while.
When she checked her eyes about popped out of her head! She called for reinforcements, and called the doctor… at 12:25 we were holding our sweet little girl! The doctor's lunch didn't even have time to get cold! LOL. And the nurses spent the rest of our stay trying to get caught up on our paperwork.
I did have a little trouble with high blood pressure and bleeding after delivery. I was told I was almost bad enough to be hemorrhaging, but they got the bleeding stopped… I think once they calmed down so did I and my bp came back down too. By the next morning we were bored and the nurses didn't need to help with anything and I couldn't get comfortable anywhere, so we decided to go home.
T was excited to see us. He wanted to hold the baby, but we thought he wanted me to hold him, so we traded… he was heartbroken! He cried and cried… and cried! He was sweet and loving to his sister from the very first moment he met her… and has been (mostly) good to her ever since.
Blessed with two precious children after being told we'd have none! God is SO good!!


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