This Mrs. G is a sweet and dear lady. My friend JT and I spent many hours on the phone with her. She always had time to talk or listen when we called and often invited me to sit with her in church. We were in the choir together and it seems we may have worked at the school together.
Mrs. G. was, like many of "My People", sort of a grandma figure… though I wouldn't think she is old enough to be my grandma… maybe more like an aunt lol.
She was so classy and kind and quiet… I wanted to be like that :). For some reason she chose to invest her time and energy in me. Mostly in the ways listed above.
She made my 21st birthday memorable in a pleasant way. She (and Mr. G.) had JT and me over for dinner for our birthdays (because our bdays are 16 days apart). I had never had anyone invite me over to their house for dinner before! How special!
She and her Mr. had lots of stories about their past, before and shortly after their salvation. Stories that I took to heart, heeding the choices they made and hoping to remember so that I might avoid some of the heartache they endured.
She was/is a great example of faithfulness. I always knew they would be at church every time the doors were open. She worked wherever and whenever needed, doing whatever she could. I know they pray for me and my family and that they have for all of the 17+ years I have known them.
The story from when she came to the Lord and the time until he did too, is an amazing testimony of God's goodness and grace… His faithfulness to His own.
She is one that I enjoy seeing every chance I get and am excited to give my children the opportunity to get to know.


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