Grandma Lady…

Probably the hardest thing about T's birth was the passing of my Grandma Lady four months before…
She was so excited to know he was coming, and would have been so excited to see him. But the Lord knows best, even when we don't understand.

We went to visit Grandma & Grandpa K not long before they left for the last trip they took to Indiana together… the most memorable part if that visit… she told me they were proud of me… of ME!! I smiled and said something dumb like, "I know". But I still have a hard time believing it! Proud of me?!? For what? I haven't done anything but follow God's lead as best as I could, one step, one day at a time… I have only come as far as I have because of what God has chosen to do with me.

Anyway. They went to Indiana to visit their daughter. They went camping IN A TENT! They went and did some other things she had been wanting to do… she was so excited and enjoying herself so much, but she was having trouble with losing her breath and low energy levels. At first they thought it was asthma, but later it was decided the problem was her heart. The doctor said have surgery and maybe die, or don't have surgery and die… so she opted for surgery… the day or two before her 80th birthday, and Jesus took her home a few days later, the day before Grandpa Man's birthday. It was a shock! She had been doing better… And I was here… Brad was gone to camp along with most of the friends I might have called on to be a shoulder to cry on in his absence… but once again God proved to be enough… my comfort and my strength.

I got the call about her death on Sunday morning… the last place I wanted to be THAT morning was church, but I had no "good" excuse. So on the way I told the Lord,"I really do not want to go to church today, but I am going because I know You want me there. If You don't want me there feel free to cancel it." knowing full well I was going to have a terrible day of public tears and probably uncontrollable emotion. :) God is SO good. When I got to church L.S. Was trying to figure out why there was no water working… no water=no church!! It turned out to be a broken pipe and was fixed by Wednesday. I was SO thankful, God let me go home before I saw hardly anybody… another prayer for the impossible to happen, was answered.

I still think of her everyday, and to say I miss her seems like an understatement, but I know I will see her again, hear her laugh, see her smile and feel her hug one day because she is safe and healthy in the presence of the Lord and I will be there one day, too!


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