The day before my family arrived for their visit, we found out baby #2 was on the way. I really didn't want to know for sure until after they left, but Brad wanted to know. So, I took the hpt, and went and got the blood test… he was right, that explained the sudden loss of my energy.
On that Wednesday night after church, we took my mother with us to McDonald's as that was part of our usual routine. Brad's mother was with us, too, so we decided to tell our mothers together. My mother instead of being happy for us responded with," How did your grandmother know already?" that was surprising to us since we only had confirmation that morning.
Instead of making a church wide announcement, this time we decided to share with a few an see how long it took for news to spread. I was given a baby shower gift of 30 homemade dinners (lasted us 3 months!) when I had T, and the two ladies who made the meals said they would do it again if I had another baby. So, went to one of the ladies and whispered in her ear,"you better get cooking again.". She got the hint, hugged me and screamed with joy and excitement. By the time Sunday evening service started we knew pretty much everyone except Pastor knew. One of the ladies in the church walked by Pastor and told him,"Ask Brad what's going on.". He gave her a questioning look and dismissed it. Once service started Brad posted a note on the screen "He still doesn't know", everyone laughed, and the note was gone before Pastor turned to see what was so funny. Then Brad posted it again. Suddenly Pastor remembered what V.D. had said and asked Brad what was going on. Brad played dumb and someone told him our news. He got excited and grabbed his cell phone to call his wife, who was home sick… but his daughter stopped him saying,"she already knows, we told her this afternoon!". What fun :). Our Pastor is great, and great to tease :)


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