Romans 8:28

" And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

I was in Sunday School a few weeks ago, it was just me and the teacher that morning, and this verse came up… a memory was sparked, I can't remember if I shared it or not… I think it would be good to share… as a testimony to God's ability and trustworthiness.

I remember sharing how the sermon on 1 Samuel 16, clearly spoke to me about it being time to leave home. Every answer I had the preacher brought up and answered… but my reality was that even though I was willing to go and wanted out, I had no way to leave… I had to wait for God to open the door before I could run through it.
Well, shortly after that message came one on Romans 8:28. This time I wasn't "arguing" the same way. I knew God could work anything out the way He wanted, but I still needed to believe it in my heart of hearts. The things the preacher was saying with this message weren't like he was reading my mind, yet I could completely identify with the ideas he was presenting. Not could He, but WOULD He? I loved God, and was doing what He wanted me to, but how could He work my life for my good and His glory?? I mean, really! My reality was pretty bad!!
As I pondered this sermon while enduring another invasion of my person, and crying to God because it was wrong, this man was supposed to be my father-figure and what was happening… being allowed… but that verse, that promise kept coming back. So I claimed it! "OK, God. I believe it. I don't see how You could possibly use this for my good or how You could be glorified by it, but I pray You can and will, and I know You will if you can and I thank you for it."
The moment I prayed those words, my stepfather got off of me, out of my bed, left my room (as if by something other than his own control), and never returned or touches me again!
God is good! He is able! He is worthy!


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