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blogging again.

I think I am going to do it.  No promises, but I think I will give it a shot.  But you will have to go find it and subscribe to that one in order to know when there is a new posting.  I am not going to post links to the new one on Facebook like I have with all the rest. The new one is a little more private.  I want the story out there for:
1. Those who have questions, but don't want to ask.
2. Those who may be in a similar place and need encouragement to understand the truth about themselves, that I took 40 years to learn
3. My own healing and processing of all I have been through over the last 20 years.

There is no intent to harm anyone's reputation or to "villain-ize" anyone in the eyes of those who may love or admire them. Nothing is all one person's fault, we all make choices. Some with full knowledge of what is going on and some in ignorance of our situation.

There is much hurt in all our lives at this moment, and it will remain for a long time, and some of …