Wow. 23 years ago. Today.

Dec. 10,1988.

A date I will always remember.

A day that changed everything.

But would I change anything?

Though the answer may seem shocking to some, I can honestly say… no, I wouldn't.

If the event of that day hadn't happened, I wouldn't be who I am, where I am… not the slightest shadow of who I know me to be would exist. Oh, yeah. The darkest moments of my life wouldn't have happened, but my life would have gone in a completely different direction and I more than likely would have experienced other kinds of hurts along the way.

Not minimizing the abuse I endured. Life happens, and with every thing and every day we have good and bad and the experiences we have are mingled together.

If December 10,1988 hadn't been the day my mother married… August 9,1992 would have come and gone without it being my first Sunday at CBC. And OH, the blessings I would have missed!!

And the awesome thing about God... He allowed all those horrible nights, but with them came many more beautiful days. And He didn't allow me to endure those nights alone, He was there with me. Protecting me. You see, I have many memories of "comings and goings", but memories of actual "happenings" are few. God took those from me quickly, and keeps them hidden, I have an occasional flashback, or react to things negatively for unknown reasons… but what I have been blessed with remembering is the good things. The "God things".

My stepfather took us away from the only hometown I ever knew. He refused to take us to church, so we had to go to one we could walk to. He followed me everywhere I went, so I stayed home and spent hours on the phone. The only place I went he didn't… church :). The only people I could friend and not be accused of wrong… older couples and widows.

Blessing after blessing after blessing.

So much to be thankful for… that wouldn't be… if that day 23 years ago, today had been different.

God is good.


  1. Thanks for writing Lola. I haven't been able to read all your posts (one day I will), but this one is encouraging for sure! Glad to consider you and your family friends!


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