Was she really so helpless… so insecure… so incapable… so silly… so foolish… so inept… so over invested in her husband and children… or was she defeated? Simply given up? Convinced it wasn't worth trying, because she would only be laughed at or told she had done it wrong, or at least wasn't good enough?

Did she really believe she never needed a break… a ladies night, or a mom's day off, or was it just too hard to get away and she just gave up…

Did she really never like being alone, or was she never allowed to have alone time?

Did she not know how to relate to people, or did she step back and let her husband do it, until she lost all confidence?

Did she sit and let him do all the work around the house, or did she give up because she was led to believe she wasn't good enough?

Did he build her up? Or did he relentlessly "tease" her about her weaknesses? Did he grant her great measures of respect ALWAYS, or did he condemn her when she defended herself? Could she claim the value she had in Christ, or would he shoot her down as stubborn, rebellious and unteachable?

Did he create in her one so dependent on him, that when he died, she was convinced she couldn't survive, minister, serve… live without him?

Just wondering…


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