My current events are blowing my mind… God is SO good!

That prayer I prayed the night my stepfather left my room for the last time… it's being answered. It is amazing to see Him working… it is amazing to be being used, to be able to be open and honest and to be able to be able to honestly say,"I know where you're at. I've been there. I understand completely the fear, the chaos inside…".

Tonight I looked into a face and knew what my Grandma Lady must have seen and felt that night I ran scared to their house… wow. And to see where I was… and to know where God has brought me to!!! Amazing.

Then I had the ever so vivid memory of my first Sunday at this church (the one I am currently a member of)…

The third Sunday after Princess Diana died…. (may have shared all this in a previous post, but oh well. I don't remember, so if you've "heard" it before… too bad!) ;)

The first Sunday. It was awkward. I had been going to the 60+ class in YV for over three years, but the Ks encouraged me to go to the class for those closer to my age. So, I did :}. I got to class and when they got to the lesson, the teacher broke us into groups of four and said to describe to the others in our group what TV family our real family was most like. How horrible! I didn't want to go there! A room full of strangers, might think I am a horrible disrespectful person if I compare my family honestly to the Bundys (Married With Children), or the Bunkers (All in the Family). I don't remember if I shared with the group or not, but I do remember officially choosing the Bundys. Then came church, or the 11:00 service. First came special music and the Pastor sang "People Need the Lord"… the first time I remember a song bringing tears to my eyes. Then (saying then slot, sorry), he got up to preach. Ephesians 6:1. "Oh, guy, not the sermon I wanted to hear!". But I was good and listened on purpose anyway. I was so blessed. It was pointed out "…in the Lord…". Obey in the Lord!!! My parents weren't leading me in the things of the Lord! I still had to respect them, honor them… but obey? Not if they're not leading me to follow Christ. Exactly what I DID need to hear!!

I knew then I was exactly where God wanted me, in the church He wanted me in, with the family He wanted me with…

He has done amazing things with that poor broken child… whatever He has next… I am willing to hang on for the ride and simply be whatever tool He wants me to be…

He is SO good.


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