I have decided to start this, because I can share my story in little bits, or bigger bits :) whatever I have time for.  With two little ones running around I don't have time to sit and write all I want to.
I have been encouraged in the past to share my story and the idea has faded quickly each time, until this last time. It has been close to 6 months and every time I listen to what God is telling me to do, I am reminded I should share this. But how? Well, I stumbled upon this blog place and was able to add an icon to access it from my iPod...I can do this even with my kids running around my feet :)
I have tried praying to make sure I am really supposed to do this...I am not sure I really want to, but I know I can if He wants me to, and I will if that is what He wants… And since this sort of fell into my lap, I am gonna go with it...
So join me on my adventure and we will see what God does as I obey Him and tell my story...


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