I was the only child of a single mom, who was raised by a single mom, who was raised by a single mom, who was raised by a single mom… not sure if that pattern goes back any farther or not… that is as much as I was ever told :).
My mother was saved, born again, when I was four months old. As a result of that decision, I was raised in church and was privileged to know the love of godly people all my life.
She was a good mom. We spent many hours playing as we walked and took the bus different places. She had a job at a school which allowed her to have the same holidays off as I did.
She was my Girl Scout Leader. She took me to tap & ballet, and had me in gymnastics and tee-ball… everything my friend R did, I did too. She somehow afforded to take me to Disneyland every year (whether I wanted to or not), as well as either Magic Mountain or Knotts Berry Farm.
It seems that though we did a lot and we were gone from home many evenings, she still had time to play board games or bake cookies with me in the evenings… sometimes I marvel at how she did it! While she did all these things, she also was attending college.
But. Somewhere, somehow she got it in her head I needed a daddy. That a man would (I guess) make things easier or better. I don't have anything against men (I have a very wonderful one!), but nobody makes life better or easier...


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